2016 Awards: Living Treasure of Battle River Country

December 3, 2016. Two Living Treasure of Battle River Country Awards

Brothers, Bernard Rostaing and Edward Rostaing, held centre stage this morning at the 12th Anniversary Winter Brunch.

ALL Board Member, Trish Ryan, presented a background sketch of the many contributions by each new award holder. An informational section on the awards and the award holders will be posted soon.

Amy Lechelt, fourth year student at Augustana, University of Alberta, Special Speaker.
Her address was fresh, authentic, exciting, and inspiring as she outlined her accomplishments as an ALL Intern, assisted by Canada Summer Jobs. We can all thank her for:

  • setting up this website and maintaining it,
  • oral histories and filming of Living Treasures,
  • helping out with Rural Transportation Information Day (including music!),
  • the importance of intergenerational activities; we call it “life-wide”,
  • working together to create community,
  • fresh insights into the value of being Canadian. Thanks Amy, it’s good to be reminded!

Amy also told us about her experience as an ALL representative to SPARC – Symposium for the Performing Arts in Rural Canada. Although we thought the conference was primarily for youth, turns out it was mainly for leaders in arts-based organizations. Nonetheless, Amy was able to contribute to the proceedings and benefit greatly from them. She points especially to what she learned and contributed in sessions on innovation, mentorship/menteeship. Thanks to Amy for inspiring us all!


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